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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the third suspect. another deadly explosion rocked a subway station an hour later. passengers evacuated through dark tunnels. >> there's a strong possibility of a terror attack but people in brussels have been allowed to return to the streets and the subway system is reopening. >> president obama condemned the attacks. >> we must be together regardless of nationality, race or faith in fighting against terrorism. >> the attacks come days after authorities in brussels arrested salah abdeslam a key suspect in last fall's deadly paris attacks. >> the one thing that's shocking to me is you've had in the wake of the paris terror attacks another sophisticated coordinated attack. >> it's unclear if attacks were moved up in the wake of the arrest. brussels belgium.
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after math of those deadly attacks. nine americans were hurt and for people in our area the violence really hit home. the bell jan cafe in apex is managed by people from the country and learns they are coping the only way they know how. >> the bell jan cafe in apex employees are coping by stocking pastries pouring coffee and waiting on customers. >> i think it's important to continue to do the things you are supposed to dark. >> stefan was doing just that. he moved to north carolina with his wife but his college age kids and mom still live over seas so when word struck tuesday he tried not to panic. >> my first thought was for the victims and the families. and respect for my family--also for my family in brussels. >> he knew reaching his family by phone might be difficult so
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he was able to connect with his daughter immediately to find out she was okay. >> they were told to stay at home so they are happy about that. it's bad weather there so they will stay at home all day. >> as for his mom he was able to reach her by phone. >> how was your mom? glad to hear your voice today? >> yeah she was. yeah. >> i have a lot of friends there and i don't know yet if everybody's okay now. >> after the paris attacks in november his kids feared terror would cross country lines. >> they were not surprised. that's sad. >> a common feeling he says that shouldn't be there with brussels offering so much charm and taste. >> it's very safe. >> a belief tested tuesday. >> it's normally very safe. >> amazingly his brother's fiance works at the airport in belgium but left before the explosions. as for the other managers here
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loved ones involved in today's attacks. maggie. >> difficult day for so many. thank you nick. a lot of people in our area travel over seas for work and vacation. north carolina's jonathan rodriguez is live at rdu airport with the latest on how travel has been impacted. jonathan? >> maggie, it's certainly been a pretty busy day at rdu but thankfully things are running smoothly. people are heading to their gates, tsa doing their thing. most people are not worried about brussels but it's something you think about when you are traveling. >> it was devastating to me to hear this horrendous news. >> it's another deadly attack over seas that resonates here at home. >> it's terrible news. first thing that goes through the mind is the people who were the families left behind of the victims. >> at rdu airport flights are running as scheduled.
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well aware of the attacks but didn't let it effect their travel. >> i feel pretty safe. >> i certainly wasn't going to change my plans at all. that wasn't the case. i trust our national security. i trust our men in blue, our men in black and i trust our government. >> american airlines, delta and united have canceled all flights to brussels for the next couple of days afterring refunds for people who bought tickets. they wouldn't comment but no shortage of agents at the beats. >> i'm ncaa they are being cautious. >> at the train station amtrack has deployed extra officers as a precaution. >> you can't be scared your whole life. you got to live. if you stay at home scared then they are winning. >> and we also checked with the greyhound bus station. they say they haven't added any security but the security officers who are there are on
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alert we also checked with rdu officials. they say if you are going to leave give yourself 90 minutes ahead of time before your flight. jonathan rodriguez, cbs north carolina. >> the fayetteville community is reacting to attacks wondering at what point the military may get involved. >> carly joins us live with that reaction. carly? >> yeah sean, magy we spoke to george who is a local veteran around here and he says whenever a terror attack like this happens of course their lates go out to those effected but they also wonder will fort bragg be called upon to respond somehow. the u.s. has troops stationed across europe and they would respond first if needed. but with the military playing such a big role in the community service members are always thought of when tragedy hits. >> when the world dials 911 the
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and that happens more often than we like. the truth is we are thankful and blessed to have the men and women of fort bragg. >> now we also spoke to a woman visiting veterans park today. terror attacks like the one in belgium make her question security and safety in general and folks here around fort bragg know very well that security and freedom does come with a cost. live in fayetteville, cbs north carolina. >> nc state has two students who are studying abroad in brussels. currently it is saying that students and staff are urged to stay indoors. >> that same university suggesting students and faculty use social media to get in touch with friends and family. facebook allows people to check in and mark whether they are safe unsafe or not in the area. their facebook friends will get an alert on their own feeds. the situation is on going and
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here as well as on our website it can be found on the home page and also on our mobile app. a campus in mourning tonight following a car crash that took the lives of four fresh men. the students in north carolina wesleyan were killed last evening. as steve frazier reports the campus is trying to come to grips on what happened. >> it was heart breaking to us. we are trying to understand what's going on because we are in disbelief. >> north carolina wesleyan is a small school about 900 students where everybody pretty much knows everybody else. >> everybody is weaker right now and everybody is sad of the tragedy that happened here. >> killed were denicia, candace, robin st. clair, and quinicia brown of henderson. >> these ladies were all together. >> the four were returning to
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happened just feet from the college's front gate. classes were canceled and the schools providing grief counselor as well as a private vigil on campus. >> we are having an in house therapeutic session for anyone but today is a time for us to gather and be with each other and deal with this individually. >> although today's memorial was private there will be a more public one in a day or two to honor four lives that were lost. in rocky mount, cbs north carolina. a woman is dead after a crash with a logging truck. here's video of the suv she was driving when it crashed with a tractor trailer truck carrying lumber. the crash happened on highway 6. two kids were inside as well. we don't know their status. the man who lives at the crash site says that intersection is dangerous and busy in the morning and afternoons. >> it's bumper to bumper four ways here and i've seen people
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they are probably running late for work and traffic is so blocked up you can't get across. they better get a stop light here. >> the crash closed the road for several hours while the highway patrol investigated and crews cleared the wrecked vehicles as well as lumber. the man accused of shooting a police officer remains locked up a day after the incident. the judge in this case refused to lower the bond and did not qualify for a public defender. they got into a scuffle at the jail when the 44 tried to pull the gun out of the waist band. the gun went off grazing the officer in the abdomen. turner is recovering at home. mcmillian was initially arrested on a misdemeanor peeping charge. good news in the town of benson. you can use your water. the town issued a boil water advisory due to a water main
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this afternoon they lifted the advisory after test results showed the water was safe to drink. the next time you park your car you might want to double check you are actually in park. >> i thought my jeep was in park but it was in reverse still. >> coming up the gear shift problems in newer cars with hundreds of thousands of vehicles being investigated. and the alarms going off. why you'll be hearing them over the next few days and how is your weather looking? >> warmer.
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four teenagers h.i.v.ed to a shoot--linked to a shoot out at a fast food restaurant tried to rob a teenager at gunpoint
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and started shooting. two of the teens were hurt. the group met at the mcdonalds to make a deal on cell phones. we have a warning for pet owners a bat was tested positive for rabies found inside a home and those who live in the house are getting medical treatment. this is the second case in the county this year so you want to get your pets vaccinated. crews expect to wrap up work this week. part of the work includes testing warning sirens each day through thursday 25 miles south west of raleigh. if you live within a 10-mile radius of the plant you will likely hear those sirens. >> the state lawmakers are addressing a controversial non discrimination ordinance passed in charlotte allowing transgender people to use the restroom of the gender with which they identify. they say it could leave women and children vulnerable to crimes. ahead at 6 the other hot topics
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tomorrow and the impact the special session may have on business. a terminal in johnston county. the chamber of commerce wants the terminal to help boost the economy there two months after governor pat mccrory said the location is not a viable option. csx was hoping to build a shipel terminal but some of the land would have encroached on private land and brought the project to a stand still. the u.s. government is investigating electronic gear shifters found in jeep models. >> it's the smaller shifter but some drivers can't always tell if they shifted properly. cbs news chris van leave reports hundreds of reports of vehicles rolling away after the driver thought they were in park. >> gary titus leased a 2014 jeep grand cherokee built with a new kind of electronic
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feel of shifting gears maybe too much. >> if i don't hit it just right and get it into drive i could get into an accident because of that. >> the new stick is an eshift that lacks the typical grooves and sensation of moving the car into drive or reverse. >> i thought the jeep was in park and it was in reverse still. >> the national highway traffic and safety administration is investigating more than 850,000 vehicles most 2014 and 2015 grand cherokees equipped with eshift. that investigation claims reports of 121 accidents resulting in several people being hospitalized. we drove a 2014 grand cherokee at the test track in connecticut. >> here because it's also not pushed all the way forward but doesn't mean i end up in park. >> what we would like to see is there's a fail safe so at the end of the day you don't have a
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>> chrysler is cooperating fully with the investigation as the 2016 model year has changed the transmission in new vehicles and has not recalled the existing models. the automaker says the changes were due to satisfaction not safety reasons. chris van cleve can't washington. >> those companies added a fail safe feature that puts the car in park when the driver opens the door. right now on another issue drivers are having with keyless ignitions when you push the button to start the car many drivers are not aware whether their car is on or off. you can see the full investigation right now on line. after three days of below normal temperatures we were back above normal today with highs in the mid to upper 60s and that's where we sit right now 66 degrees. of course it was a little
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where you started as you left for work and school and i'm sure as you left you checked on your new plants outside. i figure this may be a good time to show this map, this is our average last spring freeze for the entire state obviously happening earlier in the coast later up in the mountains and for most of us watching in central north carolina we usually fall between april 1 and april 11. over the past month or so we've had a lot of above average temperatures so that date can shift earlier and i think even after next week's cold front i think after that we could experience our final freeze. might have even happened this morning but as usual you throw something over and they should be okay. do not have that problem tonight. we will be in the 40s for overnight lows. most of us still in the 60s. again a great day after that cold start and into this evening it's going to be chilly.
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heavy parka at the bus stop. into tonight down to 58 degrees after the sunset 54 at 10. we'll stay dry and clear overnight and head out the door tomorrow morning a good 10 to 12 degrees warmer than where we were this morning. wednesday starts off around 43 degrees. so high pressure shifting around and shifting our forecast around. of course last night it was right on top of us and that's why it was able to get so cold. now it's shifted south and off to the east a bit. our wind is going to come more out of the south and that will really help warm us up and we'll be flirting with 80 degrees before too long. we've also got some rain in the forecast. i want to talk about when you need the umbrella again. let's skip ahead to the end of tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be a great day hardly any clouds. late wednesday early thursday we are going to start to see clouds move in. thursday looks to be dry all day. we'll just mix in a few fair weather clouds. there's our rain and thursday night it is still to our west
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where a lot of the rain is going to happen while we are all asleep. here we are at 3:00 a.m. friday morning. the rain moving in with the cold front. i think friday morning's commute will have some wet weather. it does not look to be a flooding rain or a severe weather maker but you'll have scattered showers early on friday before the rain starts to move out by friday afternoon. that's friday still a few days from now. let's enjoy this tomorrow. a windy day with a high of 76 in raleigh, 75 in durham, 78 in fayetteville so way above normal tomorrow and will climb even higher by thursday and again we've got wet weather on friday. most of it coming in the morning. a lot of us off work and school friday so a fetch showers early on. --few showers early on. starting in the 50s dry by lunch time up to 63 on our way to 70 degrees but with sunshine and dryer weather the second half of friday.
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your high we do have rain still in the forecast on easter sunday but it looks to be late in the day guys so from friday lunch time through sunday afternoon looks like we have a dry stretch of weather back up to 70 by monday but as you can see we've got rain late sunday monday and tuesday that with friday morning's rain so really kind of four days with wet weather but not as much as it sounds like. >> at least the temperatures are nice. >> at least we are done with 32 this morning. >> wash that pollen off that's starting to accumulate. >> that's going to pick up. >> that time of year. millions rely on starbucks
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and how we are following breaking news out of harnett county. the victim attorney plans to present second degree murder charges against deputy nicholas in the john living ston case to the grand jury. we have much more right now on and more on head at 6. we have an update on the apple versus f.b.i. fight over your cell phone privacy. the two sides were supposed to be part of a hearing but it was postponed. the government wants access to the san bernardino shooter's
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it's agents may have found a way into the phone without apple's help. apple refuses to unlock it themselves saying it could jeopardize the security of any iphone. starbucks wants to donate all of it's left over food from it's stores hoping to distribute 100% of left overs to feeding america, the national network of food banks and central and eastern north carolina. starbucks plans to give out 5 million meals this year including breakfast sandwiches paninis and salads. 30 to 40% of america's food supply is wasted. a new study effecting those who enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. the health benefits may not hold up as suggested. a deeper look at that data indicates moderate drinkers do not have a healthier life.
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it's all a toss up really. moderation. there you go.
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made purse is actually and now a cbs north carolina traffic alert if you are headed on u.s. 1 towards wake forest be prepared for a lot of back up. an accident has closed capital boulevard on the way to wake forest and you can see traffic backing up. if you can avoid the area please try to do so. new details on the fall out from comments made by major tennis director raymond moore. he stepped down from his position at the indian wells in california. moore ignited controversy when he said female tennis players
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players such as serena williams fired back. moore did apologize but decided to step down anyway. one much the top fashion labels plans to stop using fur in all products. they consider the use of fur cruel. it will be fur free in the fall collection. the label joins calvin klein and ralph lauren to switch to synthetics. a jail is creating hand bags giving inmates a chance to learn a job skill. the bags are part of a non profit organization called dream weave. it takes 50 to 60 hours to make each bag. >> we are just so blessed to be able to spend time with them and help them see they absolutely deserve second and third chances and that they have so much opportunity in life. >> last year dream weave served 40 women and created 30 purses all of them sold. the next batch is already in
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to learn a skill to translate out of there. >> something to give them a future when they leave. >> a leg up. >> we continue to monitor the terror attack in brussels. president obama is among many lawmakers making statements today. coming up at 5:30 a description from a local man who was there at the airport when the attack happened. we seem to have a pass word for everything and many are hard to remember if you are like many of us. ahead a look at why we all need to have complicated pass words. we continue to follow the latest in the deadly attacks in brussels. belgium leaders say authorities knew isis was preparing for an attack in europe but they are surprised at the scale. >> suicide bombers blew themselves up at the city's airport and subway station. more than 30 people killed. authorities searching for neighborhoods to find anyone who might be connected.
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to board a flight. people were crying shouting, children. it was a horrible experience. he believes his decision to buy a few magazines may have saved his life. later in the half hour we'll look at how the presidential candidates are reacting to today's events. learning more about an isis rocket attack that killed a marine over the weekend. eight other marines were also bell. staff sergeant louis carden died in that assault. president obama just wrapped up his historic trip to cuba where he continued to push for improved relations and told raul castro he does not need to fear the united states. we are live in havana with more. >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas. >> in the speech before leaving cuba president obama's message was clear. the future between the united
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not without challenges. >> in many ways the united states and cuba are like two brothers who have been estranged for many years even as we share the same blood. >> he urged congress and delivered this message to raul castro. >> you do not need to fear a threat from the united states and given your commendment to cuba i am also confident that you need not fear the difference voices of the cuban people and their capacity to speak and assemble and vote for their leaders. >> afterwards president obama met with the handful who have fought. >> all of the individuals around this table have shown extraordinary courage, they have spoken out on behalf of the issues they care deeply about. >> at the start of his speech the president took a brief moment to offer condole yens regarding the terrorist attacks in brussels.
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necessary to support belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible. >> he capped off the trip with the baseball game between the rays and the cuban national team the common ground shared by the two former enemies. >> and david price among other lawmakers who attended the trip to cube yesterday he's pleased to be a part and strongly believes diplomatic engagement will greatly benefit the could you know yan people. a day after larry rollins resigned his position there's a new sheriff in charge. after 13 years on the job he quit with two years left in his term. he submitted his resignation last night. he told cbs north carolina he's been considering the idea for nearly a year. >> about six months ago i finally started tracking to this day the time. there's some certainly issues and those are not things i really want to share but your
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you play the cards you are dealt. >> rollins also said he's in good health. at a ceremony today wayne coats has worked in law enforcement for more than 20 years in harnett county. a woman managed to get her three-year-old out of her car before being car jacked at gunpoint. it happened on sunday as the woman was parking her car at her complex. police caught up with the vehicle two hours later. the driver was later caught. he faces a host of charges including robbery with a dangerous weapon. meanwhile the passenger in the car 17-year-old antoine blake is charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. margaret spellings arrived at unc chapel hill currently touring every campus in the system while unc chapel hill she spoke to faculty and staff but protestors outside the meeting maintain she's unfit to leave. >> i think i would first say give me a chance.
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fourth week on the job and i'm getting about the state looking at every campus and hearing what people are proud of and what they think the challenges are. >> spelling was once in charge of a student loan program and made controversial comments about the lgbt community. she took over this year. vance grandville community college has created a need based scholarship program and will cover the cost of school for those with financial needs designated for those in vance beganville and. more than 100 businesses will be participating taking place tomorrow in fayetteville. there will also be job opportunities and opportunities to fill out job applications on
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tomorrow morning. every police officer is trained in verbal deescalation. more than 100 officers and staff were in attendance. retired raleigh police chief led the training which strived to improve police relations and reduce complaints. >> what it's did is learn to treat people with dignity and respect even when our emotions are getting the best of us. >> showing african american men were 20% more likely to be pulled over during daylight hours from 2010 through 2013. garner's favorite american idol will be performing for world voice day. he'll be performing in kerri. the event is sponsored by duke voice care center and hosting educational sessions to talk about voice health. >> that should be a good show. this is something that kids say
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a middle schooler was arrested for an incident. what she has to say about the pinch that got her into hot
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plus reaction from we are covering the carolinas in jacksonville or rocky mount man pleading guilty to second degree murder in the death of a man who died eight years after he was beaten.
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the nine years he already served. everett attacked steve eely in 2006 causing brain damage that led to his death in 2014. fewer students at east carolina university are pursuing teaching degrees. enrollment has dropped 18%. the school says many students are using avenues to recruit students and reaching out to community colleges a partnership with state employees credit union and a mentoring program. rob ford has died. he gained worldwide note riot after a cell phone video surfaced showing him using drugs. he was battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer leaving behind a wife and two children. he was 46 years old. a flight attendant attempting to smuggle drugs on her job. she was selected for random security screening.
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kicked off her shoes and ran. 66 pounds of cocaine was found in that bag. the flight attendant is considered a fugitive. authorities have not given her identity. a girl was put in the back of a patrol car and put into a juvenile detention center. the girl was only suspended but the victim's mother called what happened to her son battery. >> the deputy told me i don't even want to do this. >> i regret it because i didn't know it would lead to this. >> the girl must complete a diversion program, community service program and pass drug tests. afterwards the record will be clean. everyone uses pass words for something on line, bank accounts and social media. having complicated pass words different ones for each county that's a must. hannah daniels tells us why.
5:41 pm
in this high-tech age but many people make low tech choices. >> pet names, family names, nicknames from the past. >> could be family names, nick names. >> dr. lou bower is a computer expert. he says creating strong pass words is vital because hackers have software to use billions of combinations. >> typically a computer trying to guess it is going to use dictionaries of pet names human names and city names and can try many, many guesses. >> bower says it's important to have pass words to contain upper and lower case letters and numbers but don't put the capital letter in the front and numbers at the end. mix it up. >> one tool that people can use is a pass word manager. >> there are a number of pass word managers on the market to remember your pass words for you. >> most of them have a feature which lets you automatically generate a new pass word for every account.
5:42 pm
word for all of your online accounts one right guess can of them. in new york cbs north carolina. belgium raised it's terror threat level to it's highest following two terror attacks in brussels today. a.m. and the other an hour later at the subway station in the center of town. >> the belgium government reports 30 people dead and 200 injured. isis claimed responsibility. president obama is in cuba is reacting to the attacks as the belgium embassy is reacting and honoring those who lost their lives. jim with the latest. >> with it's airport and metro stations filled with smoke, citizens on lock down tonight. all of belgium and major cities around the world are on heightened alert. >> we will do whatever is
5:43 pm
and ally belgium in bringing to responsible. >> president obama promised the full support of the u.s. in washington isis quickly con- -they quickly condemned isis' acre actions. >> we must defeat terror. >> not far away from the belgium embassy in washington the country remains wary that more attacks are possible. >> heavy weapons have been found which is an indication that something was perhaps being planned for the next few days. >> as u.s. officials review the latest intelligence court abroad and here at home is tightening up from airports to train stations officials promise increased patrols. now the presidential candidates are reacting tonight. hilary clinton saying terrorists have struck at the heart of europe but their campaigns of hate will not succeed.
5:44 pm
u.s. must be vigilent. the other presidential candidates reacting and condemning the attacks. reporting live in washington cbs north carolina. >> jim while we have you want to ask a couple quick questions what can we expect out of congress on isis? many members are heading home right now. >> you can expect not much i would say. that's correct. the senate has been out for a few days but the house just had a moment of silence in the well of the house and many of them are heading to the airports where there will be increased security tonight and they won't be back in session until after the easter break. >> and speaking about the easter break and many folks here as well going to the airports. can we expect any of the security measures to last beyond what we are seeing now? is it something that will be prolonged in the effort regarding all of this? >> well you know there was discussion today about whether the security perameters need to be extended even past the check in where the passengers go
5:45 pm
that's in discussion. i think anything like that in the united states certainly would take some time to implement. >> all right jim osmund reporting live from washington d.c. thank you for your insights. north carolina senator tom tillis reacting to today's news. if terrorists believe these cowardly attacks will weaken the resolve of the u.s. and our nato allies they are profoundly mistaken. if you are looking for ways to reduce stress it can be harmful not only mentally but physically as well. strategies forfma dealing with stress. >> traffic, school, work, marriage, parenting. it doesn't matter who you are, stress is a simple fact of life. it's nearly impossible to avoid but how you deal with stress is key to the impact it has on
5:46 pm
>> dr. bott is a cardiologist. stress management is crucial to healthy living. it raises blood pressure and heart rate. >> those elevations in blood pressure and heart rate can ultimately lead to things like a heart attack or heart failure. >> he says another problem with stress is that it leads to unhealthy behaviors. >> not exercising, not eighteenthing right, smoking or other bad habits, excessive drinking leading to bad heart health. >> so what are proven ways. >> exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress. >> other potential ways practice positive thinking meditate or pray. >> more tips from dr. bott, unplug electronics at bed time to get enough sleep and find activities that make you feel good. i'm stefan chase for cbs north carolina. freezing out stress that
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boy was it a cold start but we rebounded to back above normal. remember we had a long stretch normal temperatures. last three days 40s, 50s. 60s. as we take a look at what is ahead we've got warmer weather and as we kind of keep tallying on the month we've now had 14 days all in orange at or above normal this month and we've had eight of them below normal. and next couple of days we will soar into the 00s. 60s right now for most everyone along the coast and here in central north carolina boone at 57 but mid to upper 00s right now and 70s the next few days. and tonight not as cold so running out late at night boyfriend you go to bed--before you go to bed to cover up your plants you won't have to do that tonight. we've got a cool night by 8:00 at 58 degrees. overnight low 50s with clear skies and 43 degrees is what
5:48 pm
a little different than the 32 we had this morning. and tomorrow looks to be another great perfectly sunny day so skip past all of that. pick up the weather map tomorrow night at 10:00 because overnight wednesday into thursday that's when we are going to start to see a few clouds make it into our area and even by thursday at lunch time we have partly cloudy skies but we'll do it with now dry weather. it looks like all of thursday will be dry because here we are now thursday night at 10:00 partly cloudy and still dry. the rain and our next cold front still back out to our west but as the maps continue in motion you can see showers will now move in in the early morning hours of friday so before the morning commute but it looks like they'll be here for friday morning's commute. scattered showers not severe not all that heavy but a wet start to good friday. there's the cold front and after the morning commute that continues to move across our area generally dry by lunch,
5:49 pm
so it may start a little wet on friday. i know a lot of us have that day off but it looks like it will finish very nice. as far as winds going to be safe to wash your car no rain in the forecast tomorrow. that looks good. thursday looks dry but will caution you there because those good chances of rain for friday morning commute. dry again saturday but caution you there as well because we've got more rain in the forecast on easter sunday. the good news about easter sunday is the rain will be later in the day. and there is absolutely no rain tomorrow. boy do we warm up thanks in part to a breezy south westerly wind 10 to 20 miles per hour, 78 degrees what we are going for a high in the sand hills. 76 for most everyone else and again it will be chilly but not freezing tomorrow morning. in fact look at thursday and friday mornings. we start in the mid to low 250s so we are going to do a lot of warming over the next couple of days. 77 thursday now a dry day and there's our good chance of rain coming on friday morning but we
5:50 pm
we'll dry out the second half of friday dry and sunny all day saturday but a little cooler with a high of 65. then as i said looks like sunday morning church services will be dry but a 40% chance of rain later in the day. we'll keep showers around monday and tuesday as well. so tomorrow's three degree guaranty high is 76. a full ten degrees warmer than where we ended up today. 66 forecasted 65 so within our three degrees meaning another $100 from our friends at allen kelly heating and air bringing the monthly total to $1,900. some of that money will go to their women in need program kind of survival kits for women in crisis, homeless women. last year alone they gave over 9,000 of them away. >> oh wow. >> so one of the many things they do for our area. to learn more about them or how
5:51 pm
al triangle .org. >> great cause. if you are headed home there's a traffic alert to warn you about. traffic backed up u.s. 1 headed north towards wake forest. traffic starting to move again but pretty thick. a deadly car crash happened involving a dump truck, passenger car and tractor trailer. that investigation continues and traffic is backed up on capital boulevard heading north so if you can avoid that area you definitely want to do so. coming up the sound affect taps from a--sound of taps from a veteran's home is making him well known.
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nightly tribute coming up here's a look at the big stories trending the first out of harnett county coming in the past half hour. the district attorney plans to present a second degree murder charge against 33-year-old john livingston back in november. much more coming up at 6. and in fayetteville breaking news last night at 1 these three teenagers now in custody charged with setting up a craig's list deal and robbing and shooting another teenager at a mcdonalds.
5:55 pm
a texas veteran is becoming a local celebrity on galveston island for his patriotic salute every night. >> sounds beautiful. 83-year-old guy taylor started playing taps at sunset four years ago. the idea came after visiting a fallen marine's gravesite. notch every evening from his home taylor plays taps in honor of those who never made it home. other veterans like himself and current service men and women. >> you are reminded of it and it gets stronger the older you get. >> it's quite the tribute to all of the veterans and service men and women around the united states. >> tourists stop and listen to it echo into the streets. and before we go a live look at the eiffel tower lit up tonight with the colors of the belgium flag shopping solidarity after
5:56 pm
responsibilitierer this day. coming up at 6 we continue to follow the breaking news out of belgium. the very latest on the terror attacks. also locally how folks in the triangle are reacting. plus sweaty palms a problem no longer. why a company started by a
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students next. dozens killed and hundreds injured in terror attacks in brussels. what those in the triangle with ties to belgium are saying. >> one thing about these ladies you should know is they loved everybody. >> four college students killed in a car accident. who they are and how the campus community is reacting. and a special session set to begin tomorrow to address the lgbt ordinance. what it will cost and what issues lawmakers are looking to tackle. i'm maggie newland. >> i'm sean maroney. >> the sheriff of harnett county stepping down just one day before the district attorney in that county announced the intention to charge a deputy with second degree murder. the family attorney says the district attorney will present
6:00 pm
a grand jury next month. livingston was shot three times during a november incident in his home. deputies did not have a search warrant for the home. today the family attorney was critical of the sheriff's decision to step down. >> nobody can go after him because he's a private citizen now. what better way to step out to tap somebody on the back and say hey i'm going to look after you and get out of here. let this other person see if he can deal with it because i'm not. >> it was just yesterday larry rollins announced his resignation. today nate rogers was told he is stepping down for personal reasons. when asked about the incident with livingston he stands behind him. >> it wouldn't be appropriate. the victim attorney will give forth whatever his decision is.


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